Kafando says no lives lost during presidential guard camp raid

Oct 06, 2015 Residents of Burkina Fakso’s capital recently saw life returning to normal after the country’s army took over the camp where members of presidential guard were holding out after their coup attempt. Prior to that, the government had started negotiations with the leaders of the elite group to surrender.

Residents of the Ouaga 2000 district confirmed that there was gunfire as government troops moved into the Vatican compound.

 Fredericy Kelio said:

“We heard real cannon shots. The children were scared, they went to hide in a cupboard and we were panicked, shaken too,”

Another citizen said:

“I arrived to work, and less than 30 minutes later I heard gunshots. It came from Gounghin region, it came from the road to Sapone. But, we don’t know now. After they managed to enter the camp Naaba Koom, and after that we no longer heard anything concrete.”

After the siege, President Michel Kafando confirmed that the raid resulted in zero fatality on either side.

Speaking at a news conference, the president said:

“The honor of our valiant army is saved and it has found back its entire reason for being. No more RSP (Presidential Security Regiment) to humiliate it continuously, no more arrogant and dominating RSP. Today and from now on the national army’s dignity is restored. Let’s honor the national army which managed the almost miraculous exploit to put an end to the rebellion without any loss of human lives, on either the loyalists’ side or the rebels’ side,”

Burkinabe have express joy over the restored peace and quiet, one of which said;

“I’m happy because people get out now, shop sellers can do their duty,”

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