Kenya Goes Techie with its Public Services; Introduces Mobile Company Registration.

9th July 2014 We’re still talking about Kenya but this time from Tech Cabal. With what we know about Kenya and its wholehearted embrace of technology, I bet no one is surprised to hear that the country has decided to go all techie with its public services.

The Kenyan government has launched mobile Company registration at State Law Offices across the country. This movement is expected to make it less stressful to register a company and is planned to cut company registration time from 14 days to 24 hours.

It doesn’t just apply to company registration though – get this, you can also register marriages and societies. Users dial *271# and then choose from the three alternatives.

People who want to register companies can even go as far as searching for names and tracking the registration process. To minimize corruption, the service will be llinked to other forms of identification such as the user’s Income tax, ID or birth certificate. Although it is currently only available on mobile carrier Safaricom, the Kenyan government states that it will soon be introduced to other mobile carriers in the country.

Cashless buses, technology cities and now mobile public services…Kenya is definitely showing Africa the way forward.

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