Kenya has demanded an apology from CNN.

July 28, 2015 The Obama visit to Kenya recorded somewhat of a blip following a very unfortunate choice of words that has led to a stern response. Following CNN’s reference to Kenya as a “hotbed of terror” Kenya’s interior minister, Joseph Nkaissery, has demanded an apology from the network.  The organization made the unfortunate reference while reporting from Kenya ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit on July 24.

In a news conference in the capital Nairobi, the minister said that CNN was inaccurate and “based on lies”.

“Our attention has been drawn to a media report by CNN earlier today seeking to discredit the status of Kenya as a secure nation. This announcement is based on lies and without verification. It demonstrates heightened irresponsibility by the media network and smacks of arrogance”

Nkaissery was also unhappy with CNN’s broadcast pictures of militia members training in a forest, before the 2013 general elections.

“I take this opportunity to condemn this negative campaign by CNN and strongly protest at what is becoming a pattern of an anti-Kenya propaganda by CNN. Kenya, like any other country in the world, is at risk of terrorist attacks. Owing to our proximity to Somalia, a country that has been used by international terrorist networks and agents to recruit, train and plan attacks against Kenya and the region, we have suffered terror attacks. However, while these attacks are tragic and unacceptable, they do not turn Kenya into a ‘terror hotbed’, as alleged by the CNN,” he said.

Mr. Nkaissery did not stop there but left the news organization a parting shot. saying “if they are civilized enough they should apologize.”

The CNN report focused on the Al Shabaab threat in east Africa.

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