Kenyan Women host a Mini Skirt Protest at Uhuru Park.

18th Nov 2014 A group of women and mothers connected through Facebook, have hosted a mini skirt protest at Uhuru Park in Kenya in support of a woman that was publicly stripped recently for ‘indecent’ dressing, and also in objection to violence and sexual assault against women.

Some men believed to be hoodlums ripped the woman’s clothes, physically assaulted her and called her ‘Jezebel’ for “tempting” them. The video of the assault was caught on camera by a passenger and posted on a news website. Many women and people from Kenya have taken to social media to show their disapproval of the wicked act via #MyDressMyChoice on Twitter. With one woman saying “If you don’t like how a woman is dressed, or anyone for that matter, the best thing is to look away,”

A police Chief Ndegwa Muhoro has said that the matter is being investigated, with the deputy inspector general of police, Grace Kaindi adding that stern action will be taken against those who stripped the woman.

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