L'espace Launches at Leyi Ush Style House, Calabar

30th Dec 2014 How are you doing fun people!

So 2014 has seen an impressive increase in the acceptance of African labels and designs.

From Lanre Da Silva to Deola Sagoe, to Mai Atafo 2015 will see an even bigger influx of Afrodesign recognition around Nigeria.

This trend spreading to Calabar where last week Thursday fashion retail brand L’espace (pronounced La Spas) launched at Leyi Ush style house featuring 10 designers such as Toju Foyeh, Virgos Lounge, Obsidian, Iamisigo amongst others.

So style tip off for 2015 from EL Now, get your fashion research on.

Anyone who’s anyone would want to be seen in rocking pants, skirts or dresses off a hot Nigerian label. Get in!

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