Liberia begins to identify zero cases in some counties

9th Jan 2015 And still on the Virus, more positive news follows the efforts of all who have consciously put in their quota in different ways to combat the disease, as nine counties mostly from Southeastern Liberia have not reported any new cases of the disease in the past 21 days. The Lofa county in northern Liberia, once a hotbed for the disease, has had no new cases in over 40 days. The cheering news comes from an official of the United Nations Mission on Ebola Emergency Response, Hans Rosling.

Mr. Rosling who spoke at the Information Ministry daily Ebola briefing earlier in the week, hopes that the situation will remain under control. He also cautioned residents of the counties to be steadfast in adhering with healthy practices and preventive measures laid down by the health ministry and partner institutions, in protecting their communities and families. He listed these practices as avoiding handshakes, informing relevant authorities about sick cases and doing away with bathing of dead bodies or other embalming processes, till the situation is completely under control. The World Health Organization will declare a country free from the dreaded virus, if no new Ebola case is reported in 42 days.

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