Liberia commences dismantlement of Ebola treatment centre as cases recede

3rd Feb 2015 Last week, we shared some long awaited news about the recession of Ebola in the worst hit regions of West Africa, particularly Liberia which announced that it was down to only five cases. In yet more encouraging news, the infamous ELWA-3 treatment center in the country, the biggest housing facility for treating those affected, has been dismantled and gradually incinerated as the virus declines.

The tent held one hundred and twenty beds when it first opened in August in the capital city, Monrovia. Many times, during the peak of the crisis, staff had to turn back cases because of over capacity. The hardworking health staff marked the retreat of the epidemic by dismounting and burning the first tent at the clinic.

Duncan Bell, field coordinator in Liberia for Medecines san Frontieres, speaking on the development is quoted as saying “The number of cases has decreased significantly. We are down to five confirmed cases in Liberia, in line with this development we think it was appropriate to reduce the treatment centre. Today we have 60 beds and at the end of February we hope to go down to 30 beds. This does not mean that we are closing ELWA-3, we are just reducing the capacity.”

The Minister of Commerce in Liberia, Axel Addy has told the media in Switzerland that Liberia hoped to get down to zero cases by February’s end.

The world is rooting for you Liberia.

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