Liberia declared Ebola-free for second time

Sep 9, 2015 Liberia was recently declared Ebola- free by the World Health Organization for the second time. According to UN health agency, the declaration ushered in a 90-day period of heightened surveillance aimed at preventing the re-emergence of the disease.

Over 11,000 people have died in West Africa since the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic 18 months ago and Liberia has been hit the most with over 4,800 recorded deaths.

In the words of Alex Gasasira, WHO representative for Liberia:

“WHO declares Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission in the human population…”

Liberia was initially declared Ebola-free in May; however six more cases reappeared in late June with scientists citing sexual transmission as the most likely explanation for the resurgence.

Speaking at a news conference, Dr. Francis Kateh, deputy head of Liberia’s Ebola response team said that Liberia will remain vigilant to avoid any possibility of a comeback.

“Today is a day to celebrate, but we must not forget what we have learned. As long as there is one person with Ebola in our region, Ebola is still a threat. The ministry of health and its partners will continue monitoring Liberia’s borders and rebuilding the health care system to assure that Liberians remain safe. Measures also have been taken to improve surveillance and monitoring in the 15 countries for Ebola and other diseases,”

Oretha Liberty, a nurse at the Ebola treatment center in Paynesville expressed optimism that there will be no further occurrence of Ebola cases, courtesy of the prevention measures being put in place.

“I have a strong feeling that it’s going to be difficult to infiltrate again into our country, because everybody are taking the necessary precaution to prevent themselves from contacting this disease,”

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