Libya’s unofficial Prime minister believes I.S. in the country can be defeated

June 11, 2015 Members of the Islamic state wreck havoc and provoke feelings of dread, yes, but can be defeated, according to the Prime minister of Libya’s unrecognized National Salvation Government. His comments came a day after Libyan politicians and activists resumed talks in Algiers aimed at forming a unity government that will end the power struggle between two rival administrations that mediators fear could turn the North African country into a failed state. He believes however, that with a little support from the international community, I.S wings could be clipped.

According to Khalifa al-Ghwell in Tripoli, “This group in Sirte known as the Islamic State is comprised of only a few hundred people, not more than 1,000 people. Amongst them are nationals of TunisiaMali, and Nigeria. They are not Libyan. But there are very few of them and defeating them is very easy,”

Khalifa said Libya lacks quality weapons and moral support from the international community.

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