Looking for love? EbonyLife TV launches Dating Game Nigeria to match singles in exciting show format

Looking for love? EbonyLife TV launches Dating Game Nigeria to match singles in exciting show format

Call for contestants announced in a bid to find appealing love partners

Lagos, 20 August 2018 EbonyLife TV, is pleased to announce that applications for Sony Pictures Television’s hit format, The Dating Game, are now open in Nigeria. For the first time, African viewers will get to watch and participate in a show that has been an audience favourite since 1965, airing in over 25 countries.

Dating Game Nigeria will give single contestants a chance to find love by asking three hidden suitors a number of questions. Whoever the contestant thinks gave the best answers is chosen and gets a chance to go on a date with the man or woman who asked the questions. In the following episode, the audience gets to see what happened on the date and whether the couple want to see each other again.

EbonyLife is looking for participants who are attractive, confident and genuine in their search for the ideal partner. In an unusual departure from standard casting calls, viewers are being encouraged to recommend friends or relatives whom they think would be the ideal catch for another singleton.

Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV, is excited about the new television production. “Dating Game Nigeria is for anyone who is single and searching – it’s a fun way to meet interesting people and maybe find that special one. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing people together, with lots of great ways to have a wonderful first date,” she said.

Dating Game Nigeria is now calling for applications from interested, potential contestants, as well as recommendations from friends and family. The series will air later this year and culminate in the 2019 Valentine season. Dating Game Nigeria is brought to you with love from Airtel, the smartphone network. For full details, visit www.datinggamenigeria.com


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