Man spends 11 nights as castaway on newly-formed Pacific island.

July 6, 2015 If you ever saw any well made Castaway movies then you already have a glimpse into this situation. This was the lot of a British millionaire shown in a video that was posted to a social media website earlier in June, documenting his surviving 11 nights as a castaway on an unnamed remote Pacific island near Hunga Tonga. His was orchestrated, I have to add, but still quite real.

The man in question, 65 year old Ian Argus Stuart, agreed to go on a trip with a travel company, Docastaway which sought to explore the island that emerged after a volcanic eruption began in December.

The volunteer was able to survive completely alone with limited resources and a diet mainly comprised of seagull eggs and squid. Docastaway said it enabled safety procedures to be in place at all times by remaining connected to Stuart via satellite and having a team on standby on the nearby island of Tongatapu.

The small island is expected to sink back into the seas within months, according to the company.

So he wasn’t really a castaway…we’re quite disappointed

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