Maradona will run for FIFA presidency.

June 25, 2015 The race for Sepp Blatter’s replacement is on and just got more interesting with the announcement that great Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has decided to stand as a candidate for the FIFA presidency. Uruguayan journalist and author Victor Hugo Morales let the cat out of the bag with the permission of 54 year old Maradona. The journalist TOOK to his twitter to break the news, SAYING

“He told me he was going to run for president of FIFA and authorized me to inform,”

“‘I am a candidate’ were the two words Diego Maradona used to answer me when I consulted him about the nomination for the presidency of FIFA,” he added in another tweet.

Venezuela‘s President Nicolas Maduro  had earlier this month suggested Maradona as the next FIFA president. It is no news that Maradona often criticized Sepp Blatter, and in the thick of the FIFA crisis was reported as saying that he was enjoying the whole drama.

All the best to Maradona.

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