Marrakesh hosts sixth Biennale of contemporary art

March 03, 2016 The sixth edition of the Marrakesh Biennale, which is an extravaganza of art, music, performance and theatre, recently took place in Morocco.

This year’s outing featured several international and local artists along with exhibitions spread across five historical locations in Marrakesh.

At the Bahia Palace, built in the late 19th century, South African artist Dineo Seshee Bopape showcased her work.

Commenting on the rich history, culture and architecture of the palace, she said:

“The site is quite amazing. I almost felt overwhelmed by it when I first arrived seeing the space – and yeah it was large and beautiful. Almost too beautiful so it took me a while to feel comfortable to start doing things in it,”

The event also attracted a number of visitors, who expressed their appreciation for the Biennale’s fresh take on contemporary art.

U-cef, a guest at the Biennale said:

“Artists they come in and they have to come up with some work from here. They don’t bring their work with them. So it’s a very unique approach to creating an exhibition in a city. Artists spend a few weeks here and they have to work with materials from Marrakesh area. So it’s very interacting with the locals and Marrakesh,”

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