Mexico puts final touches on track as it prepares to host F1

Oct 19, 2015 Organizers of the Formula one race in Mexico said final touches on a revamped track are near completion, as the country prepares for its first grand prix in 23 years.  The race, which is scheduled for November, will be held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City.

Julian Abed, circuit director at the International Motor Sport said:

“Everything related to the security zones, escape routes on the bends all are ready and finished. We will review a few more things with regards to the netting that is being completed in order to provide security for the public and the racers. The velcro on the bends and escape routes are 100 percent completed. In a few words, we are 92 percent finished up to this point,”

The circuit, which hosted grand prix from 1963-70 and 1986-92, was last used when Nigel Mansell won in 1992. With changes made to the ultra-fast banked right-hander at the end of the lap, Peraltada, and resurfacing to reduce its notorious bumpiness, the circuit is almost back to its former glory.

The circuit director added:

“This has meant getting to know the track again. It’s a new track in spite of the fact it was used between ’86 to ’92. It’s a new track. The escape routes are different, the officer posts, it’s been a challenge but we have worked and have succeeded.”

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