Mexico's Zocalo celebrates graffiti urban art for international fair

Oct 22, 2015 Mexico City’s Zocalo square recently burst with colors as international graffiti artists and aficionados converged at the metropolis to celebrate all things urban art.

The graffiti painting event, tagged: “Meeting of Styles Mexico”, saw artists joining forces to create a mural of different graffiti aesthetics.

Speaking at the event, Mexican artist, Secta said:

“This festival, the Meeting of Styles, is an important meeting for the country because it brings together a lot of quality artists, international artists who come and share their technique, their work, their style. We [Mexico] have our own style, but with this, we learn a little more, right?”

British artist, David Robert Thomas echoed Secta saying:

“I think the Meeting of Styles in Mexico is great because it gives a lot of people the opportunity to paint together that wouldn’t necessarily paint together,”

Mexico has a boisterous history of graffiti, with many using the medium as a means of expressing their dissatisfaction with the government.

Several other Mexican cities, such as Durango and Monterrey, also participated in the event.

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