Mini Crossovers and SUV's, still profitable for car-makers at Geneva

March 03, 2016 The Geneva auto show recently highlighted a prime position for small crossovers and Sports Utility Vehicles.

With family cars still high in the purchase order, carmakers are now making more mini crossover car with the mold of an SUV. Apparently the move, which doesn’t cost much for car makers, has proven highly successful with consumers.

Speaking on the trend, IHS automotive analyst Tim Uquhart said:

“It is a very profitable business, largely because the carmakers can base these crossovers and SUVs on conventional car underpinnings, platforms and power trains and use the same technology so you get two models for the price of one basically. But it’s the way customer trend is going, it’s the way the market is going and they’re able to also integrate very efficient power trains into these cars, so just because they are notionally crossovers and SUVs it doesn’t mean they’re gas guzzlers as well,”

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