Mixed feelings as Zimbabwe celebrates its 35th independence anniversary

22nd April 2015 Last weekend saw the celebration of Zimbabwe’s 35th independence anniversary. The country was marking 35 years since the end of white majority rule in the country.

The event impacted on different people differently. Some citizens felt there was nothing to celebrate, with an unnamed citizen saying

“The 35 years of independence in Zimbabwe to me and the rest of the young generation are totally meaningless. We have not seen any gains; young people are still suffering, they have got no jobs they are actually working as vendors, graduates from university are working as vendors they have no means to put food on the table so I can safely say our liberators have become our oppressors,”

However, some other citizens expressed their own sense of achievement and celebration. Honest Mutandiro, a Harare resident said

 “We are very excited with the government we have in the country the leadership of President Mugabe. He has changed this country, he has transformed so many things. As for me personally I would like to say as we are celebrating 35 years of democracy in this country we are seeing changes in this country and we have all we need in this country,”

Another Harare resident Captain Duwa said

“Right now, we fighting for economic independence, the political independence was fought and won. This economic fight is once again being waged against those who oppressed us politically,”

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has been Zimbabwe’s only leader since its independence in 1980. He plans to run for another term in 2018.

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