03 Mar 2014 The Zambezian shares with us that Tigo, a subsidiary of the international telecommunications and media company Millicom has announced the launch of a pioneering cross-border Mobile Money remittance service between Tanzania and Rwanda.

We’re told that the service was launched simultaneou’sly in Kigali and Dar-es-Salaam in the presence of Rwandan High Commissioner in Tanzania Dr Ben Rugangazi, High Commissioner of Tanzania in Rwanda HE Francis Mwaipaja and Rwanda Finance Minister Honourable Claver who undertook the first mobile money transactions between the two countries.

The new service allows Tigo subscribers in Tanzania to send money from their Tigo Pesa accounts to Tigo Cash subscribers in Rwanda and vice versa. It also integrates currency conversion, meaning that money can be sent in either Tanzania Shillings or Rwandan Francs and delivered already converted into in the currency of the recipient’s country.

Tigo Tanzania General Manager Diego Gutierrez, is quoted as saying that “this is the first product of its kind in the world that allows dual currency international mobile wallet to mobile wallet transfers with currency conversion included”

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