More islamist attacks likely says Burkina Faso president after siege

Jan 19, 2016 Burkina Faso’s President Roch Marc Christian Kabore recently visited Ouagadougou’s Splendid Hotel which was previously assualted by al Qaeda fighters.

Speaking at the hotel, president Kabore thanked French and US forces for helping end the attack while insisting that the country will not be intimidated by such attacks.

He however added that Burkina Faso, which shares a border with Mali and the Sahel region where Islamist militants are active, will have to step up its security measures.

We are in the Sahel area. I have already said it in my speech that we are not outside this terrorist situation and as a result it is important, with neighbouring countries, to share information but also share our military means so that we can fight firmly against this. We must also demonstrate that the government of Burkina Faso, that its history is long and we never retreat and its not today that we shall start retreating and that is why I am taking this opportunity to salute our security forces, to salute all the doctors and the Red Cross and all the good people who participated in this and that I salute military cooperation whether it be with the French, the Americans who helped give us clarity”

Also speaking to reporters, Simon Campaore, the country’s Interior Minister said three of the militants were put out of action.

“Three (of the assailants) were killed including two women and one man; two black African and two with white skin. We have also said that 23 people have been killed for the moment and more than 100, 100 to 150 people who were freed including some who were wounded and have been admitted in hospital.”

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