Mourinho denies player revolt at Chelsea

Nov 05, 2015 Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho recently dismissed reports of a revolt in the club’s dressing room. Mourinho went on to say that the players were united in their efforts to improve results, after managing just three wins from their opening 11 matches.

Speaking at news conference, Jose Mourinho said:

“Look, I think it’s a very sad accusation because you are accusing a player or more than one player, I don’t know what you report, you are accusing them of dishonesty. If I accuse you to be dishonest, a dishonest journalist I think you would be very upset and probably you’d take legal action so I think it’s a question for the players, not for me.”


Team captain John Terry also said that the reports of mutiny in the dressing were ridiculous, adding that all the players were behind the manager.

“In my whole football career I’ve never heard a player come out with those words (‘I’d rather lose than win for that manager’) in the whole of my football career; whether it’s been going bad or really bad etc. It’s ridiculous that I actually have to sit here and talk about it.

Listen, you normally get things when teams are going through a difficult period like we are at the moment, you know, small minor things. When it’s like that it hurts because people are fighting. I’ve seen players’ faces, the disappointment after results and us feeling that we’ve let the club down, let the manager down, let the fans down etc”

When asked what it will take to turn around the fate of Chelsea football club this season, John Terry said:

“It’s going to take a dressing room that stays together and sticks together. I think what we’ve seen the last kind of two or three days, for me, ridiculous stories with what’s happening within the club, within the dressing room. I can assure you now that the players are 100 percent, 100 percent behind the manager. We’re together and I think anyone who has been at the last four or five games of ours will see a turning in the way we’ve been playing. So as I said before, we’ll hold our hands up, the first part of the season we weren’t good enough. I think the last four games we’ve been extremely unlucky not to come away with a couple of wins with how things have gone and I’m positive and I’m sure that we’re on the up and on the turn and we will turn things around. But as I say together is the most important thing and we stay together in that dressing room.”

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