Mud, Fire and Freezing water feature in tough guy race

Feb 03, 2016 Thousands of competitors recently gathered at a farm near the English city of Wolverhampton to participate in what has been dubbed “the world’s toughest one-day race”.

The race saw competitors battling along a mud-sodden 15 kilometer course as well as overcoming a 40 foot vertical wall climb, an underwater tunnel and a series of concrete pipes fixed with hanging electric wires.

The event, which was first staged in 1987, draws competitors from all over the world who wish to test themselves against the grueling conditions.

22-year-old Conor Hancock emerged winner of this year’s competition after finishing as a runner-up in 2015.

Speaking after the race, Hancock attributed his victory to a positive mentality.

“You know what to expect. It is just down to your kit and how you are going to feel and there was a guy in second who was really fast, like a whippet, so I had my eye on him all the way. I knew I could catch im at the end. I loved it, it was really good,”

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