Musician from Burundi, Khadja Nin has joined anti-Nkurunziza ranks.

July 7, 2015 Sultry singer from Burundi, Khadja Nin, has become the latest person to add her voice to the chorus of critics of President Pierre Nkurunziza. Nkurunziza is seeking a third term in office despite protests from the people who want him gone, and amidst fears of a return to ethnic conflict in the east African nation.

The singer has ditched the glitz and glamour of her successful career, turning to activism to put the spotlight on her country. She says

“I don’t know what to say, I just want to cry. We are exhausted, we don’t know which door we have to knock on,”

The capital Bujumbura, and some parts of the country have been in crisis since late April following Nkurunziza’s controversial announcement, triggering widespread and often violent protests, as well as a foiled coup attempt, with Nkurunziza turning a deaf ear and citing a court ruling that found he was allowed to seek another term.

The singer had more to say.

“They are killing people. Now if our leaders don’t move today, not tomorrow, but today and take position. They will be themselves discredited,” 

The United Nations, African and Western nations have called for talks to ease the crisis but talks between rival camps so far have shown little sign of progress. Now the EU has warned the country it might impose sanctions on those responsible for violence and consider other steps against the aid-reliant nation.

The singer believes in the words on the street which is; oppression would never triumph over the desire for greater democracy.

“People there say, you can kill us but you will never kill all of us, which means that the determination is at both sides,”

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