Namibia’s Polytechnic gets approval to become a University

June 9, 2015 The Science and Technology University Bill which will upgrade the Polytechnic of Namibia into a University of Science has been passed by the National Council. According to the provisions of the new bill, the institution will function as a university through a new governance structure and description of its aims and objectives.

The bill was tabled by former education minister David Namwandi in March. Following the Minister’s exit from office, the new team seeks to continue, with the Minister of Higher Education, Itah Murangi-Kandjii, asserting her belief that the upgrade will help the country get more scientists in the long run.

According to her, “The passing of the Bill to become an Act is commendable and a milestone in our development especially in the area of education. We give our support to those who are behind this. The area of science and technology is key to the development of the region. It will boost the production of skills in Namibia,”

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