New Definition of Excellence: First African student to be accepted to all eight Ivy League schools in the United States

08 Apr 2014 Ghanaians around the world are thumping their chests with pride with the news that a Ghanaian-American student, Kwasi Enin, has been accepted to all eight Ivy league schools in the United States.
Modern Ghana tells us that the young man was following the steps of his equally accomplished relatives, who have all been accepted into various Ivy league universities, but he readily admits that he never expected that he would be accepted into all 8.

He has been accepted for the class of 2018 at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale although he has not yet decided which one he’ll attend. We’re told that the eight Ivy League colleges are among the nation’s most selective institutions of higher education. For instance, Harvard has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country and accepted only two thousand and twenty three students out of thirty four thousand two hundred and ninety five applicants for the fall of 2014.

Whichever University he eventually chooses will be getting a good deal though; Kwasi Enin has an SAT score of 2,250 out of 2,400, which places him in the 99th percentile for all students taking the exam. He has gotten high scores on many Advanced Placement exams. He is a shot putter, can carry a tune and plays viola for the school orchestra.
Ebenezer Enin, Kwasi’s very proud father says “”We are very proud of him. He’s an amazing kid. He’s very humble. He’s been trained to be a high achiever right from when he was a kid. We have been encouraging him to be an all-around student. So far, he has proved himself.” Talk about an understatement!

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