New Iphone 6S hit stores in China

Sep 29, 2015 The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus recently hit stores in China. According to analysts in China, which is the world’s biggest smartphone market, about 12 to 13 million phones will be sold in the first weekend.

After a dramatic redesign last year, Apple enlarged the iPhone’s screen and added mobile payments, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus boast of improved cameras, 3D touch and a display technology that responds according to how hard the users press their screens.

In Beijing, 24-year-old Zhang Yubo from Inner Mongolia, expressed his excitement while queuing outside an Apple store.

“I have been very excited at every (new products launch) press conference as all the new products every time released by Apple have something that attracts me. I have been queuing here for over one hour. I’m very excited as I’m about to go in right now. I hope I can get the new Apple phone as soon as possible,”

35-year-old Hao Ran, who was among the first to get the new device said:

“I got here very early, but there were already nine people ahead of me as I’m standing at 10th in the queue. But still I’m in the first batch, so I’m very happy. I have been using every generation of Apple phones, which is a very good phone,”

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