New television series created to inspire Namibians

A television station, MTC has launched a new television programme, ‘The Masters Of Success’ which aims to inspire Namibians from different backgrounds and fields to achieve their dreams and aspirations. The show which is planned to start airing on Namibia’s Broadcasting Corporation’s television service from February 13 is a monthly talk show with inspiring personalities from different countries in the continent. The show will celebrate outstanding Africans from different walks of life. Tim Ekandjo who represents the media house told newsmen at the event launch that “Despite the fact that the African continent suffers bad publicity internationally and even within Africa, there are inspirational stories that we can celebrate and share with each other, and this project is therefore aimed at giving Namibians who look up to these inspirational personalities an opportunity to interact with them directly. We will attract a diverse audience on a monthly basis and our personalities are therefore arranged in such a way that we achieve that objective, we will look at bringing in personalities from different professions – from arts and culture, music, sports, poetry, business to cite a few examples,”

The live show which will be hosted by rising emcee, Josy Nghipandua will be televised from the National Theatre of Namibia, and entrance is free of charge.

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