Nigeria Renders Support to Sierra Leone in the Ebola Fight.

10th Nov 2014 As part of the ongoing joint efforts to curb the current Ebola scourge in the West African part of the continent by countries both within and outside the continent, and as a show of support and solidarity, Nigeria has offered aid worth over two hundred and forty nine thousand dollars to Sierra Leone. The aid comes in the form of medicines and health supplies and is not part of the 3.5 million dollars promised earlier by President Goodluck to the country, for the issue.

The donation was made at the request of Sierra Leone’s government, who like others massively hit by the disease, are finding it difficult to manage the outbreak due to human, financial and other constraints.

Following Nigeria’s commendable success in curtailing the spread, which later led to a WHO certification of Nigeria being announced as free of the disease, The Federal Ministry of Health said in a statement issued that, Nigeria had as an example, trained over six hundred health workers who are now qualified as volunteers, to support the crucial fight of the containment effort in the countries which have been affected, especially in Economic community of west African states countries.

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