Nigerian celebs respond to American Mogul Donald Trump’s controversial Ebola comments.

7th Aug 2014 Still on celebrities speaking up about Ebola, notoriously verbose American mogul Donald Trump has come under various degrees of fire after his twitter rants about the virus.

With comments to the effect that infected US doctors in Sierra Leone should not be allowed back to US soil and that the flight borders should be closed to West Africans, comments have been flying in to attack the real estate mogul.

Radio OAP Freeze was one of the first to slam the billionaire calling him insensitive, selfish, heartless and worse than Hitler.

On the other hand, some Africans such as comedian Wale Gates agrees with Donald saying that every country should protect her own.

Well what do you think? Is Donald Trump right or wrong? Join the conversation on twitter and loop us in @el_nowtv

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