Nigerian Players promise to do better in their Oncoming matches.

19th June 2014 Following Nigeria’s less than impressive outing against Iran, opinion are flying about their quality of play and ability to make a mark. ThisDay Live tells us that the Argentinian playing legend believes that the only way Argentina can lose to Nigeria is if they are complacent. In his words “It’s clear our rivals are inferior but this group could get us caught.

In response to the gloomy feedback and loss of confidence, Nigeria’s players have promised a totally different outcome against Bosnia-Herzegovina. Man of the match John Mikel Obi is quoted as saying “…We have to approach the next game (against Bosnia) with the determination to win to take off the pressure from the team. Winning the first match would have been a very good result for us but we didn’t get that,”

Vincent Enyeama adds his thoughts by saying “Hope is not lost yet. We still have two more games to play in the group. “If we won it would have been three points for us and if we lose to Bosnia it would have been the same three points. “So, all that we need to do now is beat Bosnia to remain on course into our last game with Argentina. With four points we will be as good as making it into the next round,”

Joseph Yobo appeals to Nigerians “Our future in the tournament is still in our hands. If we don’t beat Bosnia, then we will have ourselves to blame for going out of the competition. I know Nigerians are disappointed in the team today but the most important thing right now is that we didn’t lose the match. They should not give up on us just yet. We are going to step up our game and hopefully get the result that will make everybody happy,”

Well, we’re going to hold you to those words guys…you’d better not disappoint us

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