Nigeriens show support for their army against Boko Haram

20th Feb 2015 In Niamey, Niger’a capital, thousands of people came out in a march to show solidarity with their army in their fight against insurgent group Boko haram.  The infamous group recently started attacks in Niger.

The demonstrators were led by Niger’s Prime Minister Brigi Rafini and protected by a heavy police presence. Amidst fears of attacks at the protest grounds from the Islamist group, the march which held outside the parliament building in Niamey, went on peacefully.

The country’s President, Mamahadou Issoufou is reported as telling the crowds that “Niger will be the tomb” of the Islamists, Nobody attacks Niger without punishment and Boko Haram learned that to its cost last 6 February”.

He was referring to Boko Haram’s attack on Niger’s Diffa region, which was repelled by the country’s army.

Some demonstrators in Niamey told the BBC of their belief in their country’s army to defeat the terrorists. One person said “What worries us most is that they are killing our brothers, our sisters, our parents and friends, while another demonstrator issued a warning to the group saying: “Don’t touch our country.”

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