Obama says world must reach climate deal in Paris 'while we still can'

Sep 4, 2015 Ahead of the U.N summit in Paris, President Barack Obama recently addressed world leaders on the need to cut carbon emissions, while acknowledging that the United States played a big part in raising the Earth’s temperatures.

“The face is that climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. That ladies and gentlemen must change. We are not acting fast enough. I have come here today as the leader of the worlds largest economy and its second largest emitter to say that the Untied States recognizes our role in creating this problem and we embraces our responsibility to help solve it”

Obama told a delegation of foreign ministers in Alaska that the United States is poised to tackle the problem of climate change but pointed that it wasn’t a job for one country.

“Am determined to make sure that American leadership continues to drive international action. Because we cant do this alone, even China and America cannot do this alone, even the countries represented around here cannot do this alone, we have to do this together. This year in Paris has to be the year that the world finally reaches an agreement to protect the one planet that we got while we still can.”

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