Olympic BMX test event takes place after alterations to fix unsafe track

Oct 07, 2015 The Olympic BMX test event recently held in Rio de Janeiro. The first day of the competition was cancelled after athletes deemed the tracks sub-standard and unsafe.

However, organizers of the event effected some last minute changes which enabled the competition progress as planned. The competition saw 90 athletes from 30 countries participate; many of which agreed to the improved state of the tracks.

Dutch BMX cyclist, Niek Kimman said:

“I think they worked the last 48 hours non-stop to get it as good as possible, and the men’s race is way better already, I think a lot of guys have already jumped the whole track. But I think they just finished it this morning so it is still not really ready for racing, that is why we are riding the girls’ track right now. It is for us now just trying to stay safe and get some laps in and do a race for the organization so they can test everything, to make sure that everything is ready for next year,”

In a bid to make a bad situation good, Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro said the occurrence proved the ability of the organizers to adapt.

“I mean I think we proved here the capability of adaptation in 24 hours, they asked for some changes. The track was approved by the federation before, so it was ready for like two months but anyway I think it is good. That is the reason it is so important that we have test events so now things can move on”

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