Olympic table tennis test event kicks off in Rio

Nov 25, 2015 The Olympic table tennis test event recently got off to a good start in the Riocentro complex in Barra de Tijuca, where most of the Games will be focused next year.

The event kicked off with the Men´s singles and then moved on to feature the Women´s Singles, Men’s Team and the Women’s Team games.

The competition was a chance for players, coaches and officials to test-run the venue and its conditions ahead of the Olympics.

Rio 2016 Facilities Director, Gustavo Nascimento, explained:

“We are testing the competition areas, the results system, our sports-specific volunteers, and the dynamic of different details here in Riocentro. The airflow, this really affects the athlete´s performance, given that the ball is very sensitive to the airflow. These sorts of analysis are imperceptible. We are testing the dynamic, the whole process, to guarantee we have the perfect conditions for the sport in place for the Games next year,”

The condition of the facility was well received by several of the athletes.

Brazilian player Fabio Bucci said:

“The system is basically the same as in the Olympics, it is well organized. It is the first tournament that I have played with organization of this level. The floor is good, the table is good, even though the ball has changed since last year, but you can hardly feel the difference. This is a good venue, good organization,”

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