Ouattara supporters celebrate his re-election as Ivory Coast president

Nov 03, 2015 Supporters of Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara recently held jubilant celebrations in Abidjan to mark the president’s re-election.

During the celebration, President Ouattara, who took nearly 84 percent of the votes, greeted hundreds of cheering supporters.

According to his supporter, the victory offers Ouattara a strong mandate to carry on with policies that have helped Ivory Coast re-emerge as a rising economic star.

Speaking during the celebration, Marine Ouattara, a supporter of the president said:

“I came to celebrate my president because we prayed a lot for this occasion. Thank God it all went very well. I thank God because we really suffered a lot, and praise God, because I think that our time has finally come.”

Another supporter, Vanli Konate said:

“We’re very happy about the president’s re-election, a very hard worker. We are also extremely proud of our president, and all Ivorians are very happy to have an honest and hard-working president.”

With the elections done and dusted, Issa Bambam said the country was waiting for the president to keep his promises.

“We are waiting for him to offer us the jobs he promised us because that is what it’s all about. These jobs will allow us to take care of our families. I will never miss an opportunity to say that that is what’s most important. There are so many youths today with nothing to do: unemployed youths with degrees, masters and doctorates, who don’t have jobs. The new president should address the issue, so we can find work and truly grow in this emerging society with a bright future on the horizon.”

After the election, President Ouattara’s main rivals readily congratulated him on his re-election for a second five-year term, a sign of improving political stability.

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