Over 600 locals donate blood for new mother

Aug 12, 2015 A 29-year-old woman, in Jinan City, capital of east China’s Shandong Province, was given the surprise of her life. She suffered postpartum bleeding after delivery and needed a blood transfusion but the blood center at the hospital had inadequate supplies of AB type blood, which was her blood type.

The news made its way to social media and in no time over 600 volunteers queued up at a blood donation center to donate blood.

A local resident while speaking to reporters said:

“I rushed here by taxi as soon as I read the posts on Wechat. I thought saving her life was more important than anything,”

Another resident said:

“I just hope the pregnant woman will pull through. We have so many people supporting her,”

Bao, who rushed over from Tai’an City, 80 kilometers away from Jinan, volunteered to help direct the traffic in the area of the blood donation center.

My friend told me through the phone that the blood donation center has inadequate supply of AB type blood, and asked me to come. Then I drove here,” said Bao.

According to reports from the hospital, the just-delivered mother was in stable condition and responding to treatment.

The husband of the new mother said:

“On behalf of my wife and family, I thank all the people who offered help to me,”

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