Peru seizes $836,000 counterfeit dollars bound for New York

Oct 20, 2015 Peru’s Criminal Investigation Department recently seized 836,000 worth of fake U.S. dollars, en route to New York.

According to reports, the interception was coordinated between Peru’s National police and the Secret Service of the U.S. Embassy in Lima.

Speaking during a press conference, General Jose Luis Lavalle, Executive Director of Criminal Investigation for Peru’s National Police said:

“We have three detained Peruvian men, a woman of Italian nationality and seized counterfeit money, amounting to U.S. $836,000 dollars,”

According to officials, the arrestees included 38-year old Rolando Puma, 32-year-old Hans Christian Revolledo, 33-year old Tomas Pando and 23-year old ,Isabel Mendoza.

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