President Zuma host 20 Girls for 'Take a Girl Child to Work' Day.

4 June 2014 Recently, President Zuma played host to about 20 girls from several high schools in Gauteng. South Africa. The visit was part of activities for ‘Take a Girl Child to Work’ Day, an annual event initiated by cell phone company Cell C, to give young girls a chance to spend a day in different career environments to see what options are open to them.

The girls had quite a few questions for President Zuma and he shared with them some of the responsibilities and expectations that running a country placed on him. In response to his feelings about running a country, President Zuma explained to the girls that that leadership is a huge task. He said “It is not a matter I take for granted because if anything goes wrong in the country, you are to blame.”

About coming from humble beginnings he said “I come from a rural area… but as a young person, I took a decision to educate myself. In the end, I was given this serious job by the ruling party. So, it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

And his final piece of advice was “Understand what leadership is. Join a party and work with it. Join a party that has a clear understanding of its policies. Be knowledgeable. Educate yourself – it is every important,”

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