Have A Nice Day

“Have A Nice Day” is a story about The Worst Day Ever which centres primarily on a day in the life of Gideon Danjuma, a 26-year old, Unemployed man who is living with his mum.

The day begins with Gideon setting out for a job interview with an insurance firm and runs into all sorts of trouble on the way. From running a red-light, to bitter cashiers to a half-deaf waiter who sells him a lottery ticket. Gideon goes from being a nervous clumsy fellow to being a minor celebrity, when a car he is in was jacked by Armed Robbers who crash into a tree, leaving the news crew to assume Gideon somehow foiled it.

The day is further compounded when Gideon realises that the MD of the insurance company he’s applying to is a man he had a run-in earlier in the day. The man refuses to hire him and Gideon goes home.

On getting home Gideon sees a beggar who he gives everything in his pocket including his lottery ticket which somehow is the grand price winner for N5 Million in the National Lottery that is announced moments after Gideon gets into the house.

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