Naija Diamonds


An inspiring documentary series that celebrates bright young Nigerians who are rising stars, unsung heroes, do-gooders and achievers that break the mould of adversity. It’s these unique individuals who are making waves in their personal capacity and triggering positive changes in the lives of others.

At EbonyLife TV, we are towing a different line by putting the spotlight on the true Nigerian celebrants – everyday people who have done something to change and challenge positively, their situations, men and women who in their circles continue to be a source of inspiration, and by doing so have contributed to the growth of Nigeria. These people are our Naija Diamonds.

EbonyLife TV travels across Nigeria to over nine different states to meet 18 extraordinary people with beautiful, inspiring stories. They come from various fields including entrepreneurs, social activists, health-care workers, philanthropists, on-air personalities, farmers and corporate professionals.

Our presenter, ‘Debayo Rotilu, is a photographer who has the privilege of meeting each of our Diamonds to hear their stories and glean valuable life lessons. What makes them shine as Diamonds is their commitment to empowering those around them.

Each moving story is an affirmation of the indomitable Nigerian spirit and how each of us has the capacity to make a positive change in our society. From a paraplegic on-air-personality that defies his disability, a nurse that provides free health care to the less privileged in Jos to a team of selfless women improving the lives of widows and orphans in Katsina, the list goes on in this brand new season of Naija Diamonds.

It is a celebration of Nigeria’s everyday people who have done something to change and positively challenge their situations. No one notices them, they are never celebrated by the media or the majority but they exist. They are the people who stand up and take a positive stand. They represent the core essence of life that lives in each and every one of us.

Showing every Saturday at 8am CAT, and a recap follows at 8pm CAT.