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Six beautiful young women from different parts of Africa embark on the journey of self-discovery in the picturesque city of Calabar. An age-old Efik tradition is given a modern twist. These feisty, modern, single women from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Kenya are molded into ideal partners and they learn the secret to finding and keeping love.

The Fattening Room is an age-old Efik rite of passage where young ladies are transformed into elegant, graceful women. Our ladies have come to a modern version of the Fattening Room and under the guidance of our wise Matriarch; our ladies will be fed, pampered, and taught the necessary skills for maintaining a happy relationship.

As strong African women who have overcome a lot of pain, our ladies confront deep hidden wounds from the past and discover that true beauty lies within them as they learn that true love only comes when we love ourselves and recognise our true worth.

Drama Series

Meet the cast


Zambian participant in The Fattening Room

Limpo is currently working part time for Central Chambers Law Firm in Zambia. Her interests include production and media related work, politics and since leaving The Fattening Room has started a book club.

She chose to participate in The Fattening Room as an opportunity to learn about a culture that places importance on adequately preparing women for the running of a successful home.

Limpo loves scary movies, she has a huge phobia for wall geckos and hates reading Biographies.

Roselyn Ashkar

Ghanaian participant in The Fattening Room

22years old

With an interest for travelling and networking, Roselyn is currently pursuing a degree in BA communications with just a few more months till completion, Roselyn is filled with the passion, drive and training for Television and or Radio presenting. She worked briefly as a host of the television reality show in Ghana called the Miss Ghana 2012 Diaries.

When asked why she chose to participate in The Fattening Room, Roselyn answered, “I chose to participate in The Fattening Room because of its exciting and different nature and setting. It was like nothing I have ever done. Another reason was, to meet new people and to learn and share in their different cultural backgrounds. It was an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and to have a totally new and different experience. Lastly, to know what it was truly like to be put through a “school of life” and to relive some of the old African traditions that our people once lived by.

Roselyn Ashkar is a versatile, ambitious and hardworking young woman who is looking forward to doing more great and challenging work within the entertainment and model industries of Ghana, the rest of the African continent and the world.

Sally Berold

South African participant in The Fattening Room           

26 years old

Sally is currently working in Boston USA as a Global Marketing Manager for a Technology start-up company.

She chose to participate in The Fattening Room because she wanted to explore aother African country, experience another culture, learn more about herself and character, meet some interesting people and “HAVE SOME FUN!”

In her spare time, Sally loves to longboard, snowboard, ski, play golf and she recently took up kitesurfing. She is a “sneaker freaker” and collects limited edition sneakers all over the world (she currently owns over 100 pairs). Sally added “I may be ginger, but I love tanning!!!”

Stephanie Unachukwu

Nigerian participant in The Fattening Room

26 years

Is a 26 year old graduate from Lagos State University where she earned a degree in History and International Relations. She is from Anambra State. Stephanie enjoys swimming, sketching out clothing designs as she loves fashion and states that Karl Lagerfeld is her favourite designer and intends to follow in his footsteps in becoming a fashion designer.

Stephanie’s favourite quote is “Never look at where you fell but get up and head for your goal” and claims she likes the quote as it motivates her.


Kenyan participant in The Fattening Room

28years old

Patricia Kihoro is a Kenyan actress, singer, and radio personality who loves coffee, bacon, Kitenge fabric and laughter. 28 years old, she was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, where she resides and makes her living.

She has had roles in 2 short films; “Juliette” in “Miss Nobody”, earning her a Best Actress Kalasha Award Nomination against Nigerian actress Rita Dominic; and “Alina” in “Homecoming”, which has screened at various festivals worldwide, including Durban, Toronto, Rotterdam, San Fransisco International Film Festivals, and the Luxor African Film Festival.

In 2013, Patricia wrote, directed and produced a stage show, “Life in the Single Lane”, a narrative involving interactive storytelling, acting and singing. The show sold out on three separate occasions, and has been described as a refreshing, highly entertaining and hilarious show.

Patricia worked on radio as a news anchor between 2010 and 2012 on One Fm. She is now back on radio, anchoring the news on HBR 103.5, and hosting a Saturday show called Afro Central

Tshepo Maphanyane

32 years old

Tshepo is currently employed by MultiChoice Botswana as the company’s Publicity and Public Relations Executive

She loves getting involved in community building projects including fundraising for worthy causes e.g (Cheshire Foundation annual sponsored walk), giving talks to school kids in areas around self-esteem, career choices. She states that “no matter how many times I fall off the bandwagon I believe in striving for a healthier lifestyle choice hence my enjoyment for gym (working out) and engaging with driven individuals with a strong sense of accomplishment”.

Tshepo gets great joy from seeing people prosper; she loves to engage with people that are driven despite their immediate situations. She sees opportunity in everything and does not believe in “I can’t” or “it’s not possible”. She believes in chances and putting one’s best foot forward.

Tshepo was intrigued by the concept of The Fattening Room and thought it a great challenge to undertake.  The opportunity to travel to Nigeria was also a great nudge. In addition she stated, “it was a welcome boost to be chosen/picked from the provided profiles by people who had only heard of me and never met me. It fuelled a belief I hold that I was meant to share.”

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