Rafael Nadal talks about his performances this year

Dec 11, 2015 After playing on the second day of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) in Manila, Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal recently sat down to discuss his form and training plan for next season.

The 14-times grand slam winner has gone without a major trophy since the 2014 French Open, however a recent upsurge in form has seen him rise to the number five ranking in the world.

Speaking at a press conference, Nadal said:

“I don’t know if I’m going to be back and win. I’m working hard to create opportunities to compete for the best tournaments and I’m working so hard to make that happen. I think it’s always that I didn’t have have the best season possible, but I finish at number five in the world so actually it’s not a disaster, number five in the world instead of number two, and I hope to be ready for the beginning of next season and to play at the right level. I think I should fine with season and I want to continue with that feeling,”

Nadal also commented on the difference between his playing style and that of his rival Roger Federer.

“I’m not Federer, I am Rafael Nadal and he has his style and I have my own style. I for sure try to improve my things, doing all my career, and for sure I’m working hard to be better player, if I’m a better player for sure I have the chance to play for longer, I’m working so hard to improve,”

The 29-year- old then went on to describe how playing in the IPTL is preparing him for the next tennis season.

“It’s easy to explain. I didn’t have much holiday this year but I want to be home practicing today if I’m not here. So I have the chance to be here with colleagues, with some friends, my team supporting, and the possibility to keep practicing with very good players and at the same time compete a little bit. So for me it’s like a perfect preparation for next year and at the same time we are able to play new places that we don’t play very often, so that’s very important to promote our sport too, and I think the IPTL is doing fantastic work and I really heard great things last year about (this event),”

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