Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo reflects on career ahead of documentary release

Nov 10, 2015 Ahead of the release of his self-titled documentary, chronicling his record-breaking career and personal life, Cristiano Ronaldo recently commented on his personality and football.

The documentary delved into the constant comparison between him and Lionel Messi. Commenting on that, Ronaldo said:

“I have my style, he has his style, his own style. We have to respect that people compare all the time. And it is normal, we are compared since we are babies, I don´t mean me and Messi but all the persons in school. Who is more clever, who is more fast, it´s normal, it´s part of the life. It does not surprise me anymore but sometimes it makes me tired because it´s always same thing and they still repeat and repeat, one year, another year.”

Ronaldo went on to applaud Messi’s professionalism.

“He works unbelievable, he is a fantastic professional and to beat him it´s great. And I know he feels happy to see me to beat his record. It´s good, I think we should beat the records. Maybe in 10 years or 20 years another player is going to beat my records, why not, nothing is impossible, it´s hard, it´s hard.”

In the documentary, Ronaldo, who is aiming for a third consecutive Balloon d’Or, was depicted as a family man. Speaking about his son, Ronaldo said:

“It’s great, I feel so happy to see him grow up to see his daddy to play football. He wants to be like me. Sometimes he says he wants to be a goalkeeper but I think it is not going to be possible because he changes his mind every second. So it’s good, I’m so happy,”

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