Ruling party wins Tanzania presidency, opposition challenges vote

Nov 04, 2015 The candidate for Tanzania’s ruling party, Magufuli Pombe, was recently declared winner of the country’s presidential election. The national electoral commission dismissed claims of election rigging from opposition parties.

This was announced by Damian Lubuva, chairman of the National Electoral Commission, during a news conference.

“Dr. Magufuli Pombe John Joseph, CCM has garnered 8,882,935 which is 58.46 percent of the total votes cast. Lowassa Edward Ngoyai, Chadema garnered 6,700,848 which is 39.97 percent of the vote,” said National Electoral Commission Chairman Damian Lubuva, adding that turnout was 67 percent of the 22.75 million registered voters… Because Dr. Magufuli Pombe John Joseph of CCM has garnered more votes than any other candidate, on behalf of the National Electoral Commission and clauses 35E, 35F and 81B of our constitution, I officially announce the results of the presidential election of 2015 that Dr. Magufuli Pombe John Joseph has been elected as President of Tanzania,”

After the results were announced, there were mixed reaction on the streets of Dar Es Salam over its authenticity.

One of the residents, Adrea Manyama said:

“I’m not happy because of the injustice that happened in this election. This is very bad. The electoral commission is useless because it works in cohort with the president. If the commission was free and fair we could have gotten our president; too much injustice in this country. They have stolen the election,”

Another resident, Daniel Matondo insisted that the elections were free, fair and transparent.

“This election was free and fair, we even had international observers here almost everywhere. Our friends from the other side are just sore losers, they have defeated some of our cabinet ministers but when they lose they refuse to concede,”

Loveness Bernard echoed Daniel Matondo’s sentiment saying:

“Not even a single vote was stolen. We know the situation that people wanted but our country has a good tendency and has remained steadfast and we have seen the decision of Tanzanians. I want to add that the voice of many is the voice of God, Tanzania is for us all, we need peace and let us carry on with our lives just like before. Away with the divisive politics, Tanzania is our motherland,”

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