Russia committed to improving relations between Sudan and South Sudan – Lavrov

Sep 15, 2015 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently met with his Sudan and South Sudan counterpart in Moscow in a bid to strengthen diplomatic relations between the three countries.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, the Russian Foreign Minister said:

“We hope that the upcoming talks with Sudan’s foreign minister Ghandour tomorrow in Moscow will be useful and productive,”

South Sudan’s Foreign Minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin in return expressed appreciation to the Russian government for organizing the trilateral talks.

“Thank you so much, Your Excellency, for organizing this great meeting between foreign minister of Sudan Ibrahim Ghandour and the foreign minister of Republic of South Sudan. I think this trilateral meeting is so strategic and special because of the great effort that you put in to see that we meet to resolve our differences,”

He went on to describe Russia’s effort as a strategic contribution to the relations between Sudan and South Sudan.  Following the 2011 referendum that separated the two countries, both states have accused each other of violating a security agreement that was reached after the secession.

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