Russia's Putin celebrates 63rd birthday on Ice Hockey rink

Oct 12, 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin recently marks his 63rd birthday in his trademark macho style by participating in a hockey match in his favorite Black Sea retreat of Sochi. Putin came on to the ice dressed in an ice hockey uniform made in the colors of the Russian flag.

“My dear friends today we open the jubilant, fifth season of the Night Hockey League. I congratulate you on this event,”

During the match, Putin showed off his skills and personally scored seven goals. The president’s team, which consisted of his defense minister Sergei Shoigu and a clutch of ex-NHL stars, won the match by 15 goal to10.

After the game, president Putin praised all the participants for promoting a healthy lifestyle in Russia.

“I thank you not only for your personal participation but also for inspiring – with yourself as an example – millions of our citizens to engage in physical activities and sport. Not only in hockey, but in a variety of sports; wrestling, athletics, gymnastics, shooting, all of it. He who acts and aims for victory will undoubtedly achieve victory. Good luck everyone!”

According to Putin’s spokesman, the Russian leader had a modest celebration after the match with his fellow players before spending the rest of the evening with friends and loved ones.

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