Sampaoli says he hopes to remain Chile coach despite looming controversy

Nov 19, 2015 The head coach of Chile’s national team, Jorge Sampaoli said during a news conference in Santiago that he hopes to continue in his position despite an investigation into Chile’s national Football Association (ANFP) salary allocation.

Sampaoli, an Argentine native, expressed his desire to continue working as head coach for the Chilean despite the scandal.

“I feel really proud of having been able to coach this group of players. I hope that I can continue doing so because they have given me a lot of opportunities to learn and without them this wouldn’t have possible. But as I told you, I’m not clear about any aspect of the direction of the management and for that reason I can’t analyze it,”

Sampaoli then switched his attention to his team’s upcoming match against Uruguay.

“We know that we are going to play against a team with a lot of emotional strength, that they manage both areas very well, which makes them strong – Uruguay (the team) and the mental strength of Uruguay. It has nothing to do with any a specific moment, Uruguay is going to be the same Uruguay as always, with conviction, with courage, with a lot of energy.”

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