Schools in Liberia reopen

20th Feb 2015 Good news from Liberia via Monrovia as thousands of children resumed learning in their various schools around the country for the first time in about six months. Last year, the outbreak of the Ebola virus prompted schools to be shut down till further notice. However with the recent decline in the disease, dozens of schools reopened on Monday this week, a sign that the outbreak is ending in Liberia.

At the height of the outbreak, last summer, hospitals were almost literally overflowing with cases, however, there are now only a handful of new cases a week.

A student, Faith Sayeh who was interviewed, said “I feel very great being in school in the first day, most especially after a long period of time waiting for this day”.

It wasn’t all roses and sunlight though. Some schools opened but had to send students home by mid-morning because teachers made a no-show. Education authorities responded immediately however, and George Wuo, regional director of the country’s education ministry, said that all schools in the country must open by the second of March or face fines.

Liberia has more than 1 million enrolled students, some of whom have been keeping up with their lessons by radio.

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