Security, refugees key topics at Mediterranean region summit

Dec 15, 2015 The king of Jordan, the secretary general of the Arab League along with a host of several foreign ministers recently participated in a three-day conference in Rome on security, diplomacy and governance in the Mediterranean region.

While addressing the summit’s opening plenary, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentilloni said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the history of the Mediterranean is a history of pluralism, a history made my different cultures and religions and if today the most pressing need is to provide our citizens security defeating Daesh, even resorting to the military option, obviously, it will be through culture that we will overcome the challenge,”

Speaking at a session titled “Shared Security”, Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil El Araby, said:

“We are all in this room, and in the whole world, under a certain law governing us, which is the charter of the United Nations. The charter which was adopted with the World War II in mind deals with states. Non-state actors have not been considered in the charter. So what I believe here is a very important point is that the whole world should start to revise the charter, to get into the charter the necessary tools to fight such phenomena of terrorism. I think this is an important matter and I hope that it will be looked at by many,”

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