Senegal mourns loss of master drummer N'diaye Rose.

Aug 25, 2015 The world of music mourns the passing on of Senegalese master drummer Doudou N’Diaye Rose.

Rose, who was named a ‘human treasure’ by UNESCO, had collaborated with top international artists such as jazz star Miles Davis to produce unique sounds during his stellar career.

Doudou N’Diaye Rose, real name Mamadou N’Diaye, died on August 19, 2015, in Dakar after a brief illness. His passing came barely two days after the death of another well-known Senegalese drummer, Vieux Sing Faye.

Rose did not achieve as much recognition locally as he did internationally. He also never actualised his dream of creating an art school in Senegal due to a lack of support from the government.

Prior to his demise, he performed at the fourth edition of the Deggi Daaj International Music Festival in celebration of his 85th birthday.

Senegalese singer Omar Pene had this to say on his passing

“He performed with all generations of artists here in Senegal and abroad, too. He was an extremely well-known man internationally. He travelled the world, and simply put, I think that today Senegal has lost someone very important to the general culture. It truly is a huge loss,” 

Senegalese rapper, Simon Kouka talked about Rose’s ambition to start up a school:

“He wanted a school named after him, and he told people to do something for him during his lifetime and not to wait until he death to name a school after him. He wrote to the authorities, but no one responded. I cannot understand how with a man of such culture, it is the Japanese who pay tribute and honor him, it is the United States Embassy, China, Switzerland, and Canada. Where are all the Africans? Now today he is gone, and you will see everyone gather here. You will see everyone come here. He needed this while he was alive. We didn’t do it for him. This is the bitterness I have,”

Doudou was widely known as a mathematician of rhythms. He was the founder and lead Drummer for the Drummers of West Africa, an orchestra that included his many children and grandchildren. He also formed an all-female orchestra called Les Rosettes with his daughters and granddaughters.

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