Sierra Leone Government to Broadcast School Subjects as an Ebola Effect Management Measure.

20th Oct 2014 In a brave attempt to manage the effects of the dreaded Ebola disease in Sierra Leone, the government has launched an educational effort for over a million children who have been unable to attend school because of the health crisis. The education minister, Minkailu Bah in Freetown said the plan was to provide a suitable option for the country’s schoolgoing population as the entire school system has been since disrupted because of the crisis. The government has said that classes in various subjects will be broadcast for six days in the week, for four hours.

The minister, who admitted that there are areas which are hard to reach and without radios, also said despite the challenge, Sierra Leone authorities would not relent in finding other ways to reach those so affected. The initiative which is sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund, aims to teach children life skills and also help to keep them connected to their contact to the outside world, according to Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF’s regional director. He also said that because of the long term damage in children who have no education, it is important that the schools in the country reopen as soon as possible.

As more and more countries, organizations and citizens come together to support a global action against Ebola, we look forward to the day when every country affected will be completely free of the disease

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